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The Oppo F19S is now launched in India from the Sangeetha mobile store. It is equipped with advanced dual SIM dual imaging technology that allows it to operate two SIMs simultaneously. In addition to this, the device has been equipped with superior technology that makes it capable of high-end performance while using the internet on its 5.5-inch diagonal touch screen. The Oppo F19S is also available with a value-added add-on feature known as FlipPanel. This add-on feature allows the user to get a wallpaper to go with the looks of his device.

The Oppo F19S is equipped with a single home button that has been placed just below the camera. This home button can be used to perform all the operations directly. You can take a photo, shoot a video, use the camera buttons, dial-up/down, and select volume levels directly from this home button. Apart from this, the F19S has got some unique features like Quick Panel, which has been an enhancement to the already enhanced wallpaper gallery. The Quick Panel contains all the images, videos, and images stored in your memory and you can choose any image to place on the cover of your device. One can use this to customize the look of the device without worrying about the number of wallpaper packs that one needs to install.

The Flip Panel add-on lets you select any wallpaper to go with your device’s appearance. The advanced dual imaging system of the Oppo F19S allows the user to capture photos remotely over the internet and view them instantly on the TV. Moreover, the handset has got a high-definition camera with optical zoom and a fast motor drive. This enables the user to capture moving images without worrying about slow loading and long downloading time. oppo f19s

The Oppo F19S is powered by the octa-core Samsung processor. It is loaded with Samsung’s flavor of the Android operating system based on Tizen. This further enhances the speed and performance of the handset. In order to make the usage of the device easy, the Oppo F19S comes with a widget engine that allows users to enjoy the convenience of widgets right from the comfort of their beds. The widget engine uses the reference library and Google XML security to load the required widgets.

The Oppo F19S has got two memory options with it – 16GB and unlimited talk time. With the help of this unique feature, the users can boost up the memory capacity of their Oppo F19S and use it for various purposes including playing videos, music, images, and games. The dual-core processor also helps in improving the speed of the device.

At the launch of the Oppo F19S, the company has come out with some exciting features like high definition camera with eye-catching outdoor scenes, premium sound quality, expandable memory and many other amazing features. It has been seen that the Oppo F19S price has come down considerably from the original pricing of the device. The reason for this is that there are many variants of the handset available in the market. With so many options in the Oppo F19S, the users can make the best out of their mobile phones.

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